Tareq Bawaneh is Partner & Country Director DAMSON Group (Jordan). Tareq is a business analyst specializing in the IT and Medical sectors. He has worked with Multinational Organizations as well as regional and local corporations in Jordan. His passion for creativity, value innovation and strategy piqued his interest in Blue Ocean Strategy.

Over the Middle East and Africa regions, Tareq worked as a Business Analyst with KAIZMED; the first Medical Distribution Management company in the region. He used to analyze and find the solutions for the complex medical distribution challenges in the Middle East and Africa regions.

He also worked in the cement industry with a Jordanian leader of cement manufacturing in the Middle East Manaseer Industrial Complex in the supply chain implementation and improvement.

Tareq was one of the entrepreneurs in Jordan who advocated to adopt the new ideas and technologies to the Jordanian market and let the technology penetrate the business models of Jordanian market players with SaaS, PaaS and IaaS approaches.

He is also a board member of the Jordanian Industrial Engineers Association. In JIEA they advocate the Jordanian manufacturers to adapt the industrial engineering vision for the manufacturing plants such as lean manufacturing, facilities optimization and total quality management.