Sherman Mohr is Blue Ocean Strategy Consultant for DAMSON Group USA. A long-time entrepreneur, consultant, and co-founder, he's a graduate of INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute with a Certification in Blue Ocean Strategy. Sherman is a long-time practitioner of Blue Ocean Strategy in digital communities, spirits, wine, and beer marketing, the mortgage industry, and the events industries. A thirty year Nashville TN resident, his work includes years in finance, software and web sales, technology, and marketing. He's been one of the primary content contributors and evangelists for disruption in marketing spaces for various verticals, through Shared Spirits Marketing, which he co-founded. Sherman runs the operations part of the organization and occasionally serves as sales lead on certain national connections.

Prior to Shared Spirits Marketing and his Blue Ocean Strategy consulting initiative, Sherman served The Rainmaker Companies as Enterprise Worldwide Relationship Manager, has been marketing consultant to various projects including, and was Chief Marketing Officer for ETC Financial. Sherman has also been Vice President Business Development for Digiscript, Inc. and Managing Partner of Family Mortgage Services.

Sherman's important projects include Strategic Work and Implementation for Telemedicine Platform, Buyer Persona Development, Inbound marketing consultation and strategic content development for a healthcare software firm, Kiosk Survey Firm Consulting, Strategic work and implementation for an online religious community, Integrated Marketing Test, The Rainmaker Companies, Music City Spirits and Cocktail Festival,, Pets Love This Stuff, and

Sherman graduated from University of Missouri-Columbia and INSEAD and has been Nashville Chapter Board Member of American Marketing Association.