Marc Beauvois-Coladon is DAMSON Group's Chief Blue Ocean Strategy consultant and Founder of Banian Consulting. Marc is a Senior Faculty of The Blue Ocean Global Network. He is a Stanford University graduate and holds an MBA from INSEAD. He started his professional career in the nuclear industry and the diamond business. A Vice-President at the MAC Group strategy boutique, he created Banian Consulting in 1997 with a total focus on Value Innovation under the Bleu-Blue Trademark.

As early as 1995, Marc worked with Professors Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne on the development of Blue Ocean Strategy tools and methodology. He supervised the translation in French of the books "Blue Ocean Strategy" and "Blue Ocean Shift". The ActiFry used as a thru-example in Blue Ocean Shift is the result of a global Value Innovation initiative that he led for the Groupe SEB.

Since 1995, Marc has led numerous corporations and governments in their pursuit of Blue Oceans:

B-to-C products: Food, soft drinks, spirits, luxury cosmetics, hygiene products, drugs, vaccines, health cosmetics, medical devices, sport equipment, leisure boats, electrical appliances, furniture

B-to-C services: Tourism, telecommunications, internet, insurances, retail banking, private banking, life insurance, change, credit cards, gas stations, cars services, travel agencies, cosmetics distribution, home selling

B-to-B: Water treatment, horticultural substrates, electrical equipment, office furniture, catalysts, auto components, wear parts, food ingredients, corporate banking, IT outsourcing, packaging, seaborne transport, chartered accountancy