Hiran Wijewardene is Partner & Country Director DAMSON Group (Sri Lanka). He is a senior business consultant on Value Innovation and Strategy. He has over 30 years of experience in business development, sales, strategic partner development and channel management. Across these verticals, Hiran has worked with many Multinational Organizations as well as global and local corporations in Sri Lanka. His passion for creativity, value innovation and strategy piqued his interest in Blue Ocean Strategy.

Hiran has been the CEO in Sri Lanka for Moota Telecom a Norwegian based mobile device software company focusing on provisioning & configuring mobile phones. He has also worked as a Sales Manager - North East Region for AT&T in the USA. His most recent position was with Informatics International Limited (IIL) as the Senior Vice President of Business Development of Sales.

Hiran was introduced to Blue Ocean strategy while working at IIL where he was instrumental in coordinating BOS workshops. His passion truly exemplified during these workshops, inspiring others in Sri Lanka to adopt the Blue Ocean mindset. Hiran's passion for innovation and creativity has led him to offer his expertise in many startups. He is currently a director of SYS-DNA International (Pvt) Ltd., a software company offering customized real crafted DNA of digital technology.

Hiran currently plans on venturing into areas such as tourism, water purification, agriculture and business consultancy, utilizing the concepts of Blue Ocean strategy to move them into the future.