When we talk about leadership, we come across various leadership theories and models, most of which appear to be based on psychological terms, but upon examining, we find them intuitive and speculative, instead of being based on scientific psychology knowledge. The founders of most of these leadership theories and model also do not carry an academic background in psychology and develop their theories on the basis of personal experiences. There is a huge list of such theories like Trait Leadership, Behavioral Leadership, Participative Leadership, Situational Leadership, Contingency Leadership, Transactional Leadership, Transformational Leadership etc.

The conditions and norms of business and economies are variable and ever-changing. One leadership model applied successfully to one country or organization does not serve the purpose for the other business, economy, or situation. Hence, a result-oriented common ground can be found in constants, not variables. What remains constant across businesses, countries, economies, or situations is human psychology. The leadership models built upon scientifically verified human psychology patterns can not only bring practical results but can also be successfully exported and implemented across business territories, markets, economies and situations.

With this background, DAMSON has brought world best experts in Leadership & Management psychology to help its clients in developing cutting-edge culture of leadership transformation in top-bottom, bottom-top, center-sides, and sides-center equilibriums. The approach can be termed as navigational leadership psychology where the teams do not float on surface of organizational vision but lead the navigation in breadth and depth of the ocean of cultural transformation of the organization. Our experts help forming leadership management, leadership development, leadership transition, leadership synchronization between management and newly hired teams, and demonstrating leadership in chaotic, complex and recessive economic situations.