Traditional strategic planning approaches are designed to kill off innovative growth strategies. The Outthinker Process offers the alternative. Rooted in over a decade of research, rigorously tested through more than 300 strategy efforts, the process differs in four important ways:

# Strategizing from the future rather than the past.
# Applying 'strategic narratives' to expand options rather than frameworks that narrow them.
# Designing for what is possible rather than settle for what is predictable.
# Viewing strategy as a vibrant, inclusive conversation rather than a quarterly report.
# Delivering our results primarily in three ways.





When you and your team have clarity on where you are going and what choices you must pursue to get there, you can execute with speed and clarity. But most organizations operate in a state of uncertainty. Unsure they are focused on the right priorities, they risk trying to do too much, executing uninspired strategies that produce just average results. We guide organizations through a process that leads them to a comprehensive strategy they are confident will work.

Growth Strategy Deliverables:

# Organizational alignment on your purpose, vision, and strategic intent
# A fact-based understanding of the trends that will shape your future
# A rigorous assessment of the most critical issues and opportunities you should be addressing now
# Clarity on the 3-7 priorities that define your strategy and will enable you to win
# A plan to build organization-wide alignment to your new strategy
# A system of metrics to monitor and manage the successful implementation of your strategy