Future Strategy is the most grandiose work ever undertaken to analyze and determine future leadership and it's role in future strategic planning. DAMSON Partner & CXO Fahd Khan who is a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Coach, leads the Future Strategy program.

Future Strategy of Leadership is developed by world's renowned management thought leader Marshall Goldsmith in collaboration with Cathy Greenberg, Alastair Robertson, and Maya Hu-Chan. These great strategists made an ongoing commitment to building knowledge around the future of executive leadership with a global scope. As part of this commitment, a multiple-method research plan has been created that would span years of knowledge acquisition. The plan used a four-stage process for knowledge development:

# Assess Data
# Generate knowledge
# Embed Knowledge
# Transfer Knowledge.

The research involved bringing together following recognized thought leaders and futurists in the realm of global leadership.

Warren Bennis, University of Southern California - The Leadership Institute
Jim Bolt, Executive Development Associates
Jay Conger, University of Southern California - The Leadership Institute
Ted Forbes, Darden School, University of Virginia
Marshall Goldsmith, Alliance for Strategic Leadership
Frances Hesselbein, Drucker Foundation
Lynn Isabella, Darden School, University of Virginia
Jennifer James, Futurist
Bob Johansen, Institute for the Future
Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary of State
John Kotter, Harvard Business School
Carl Larson, University of Denver
Quinn Mills, Harvard Business School
John O'Neil, Center for Leadership Renewal
Lester Thurow, Massachusetts Institute for Technology
Watts Wacker, First Matter
George West, Consultants for Management Development
Abe Zaleznik, Harvard Business School

Following organizations participated in development of Future Leadership Startegy:

Acer (Taiwan)
African Development Foundation (USA)
Alcoa (Switzerland, USA)
Allianz (Germany)
American Friends Service Committee (USA)
Ameritech (USA)
Aracruz Cellulose (Brazil)
Avon (Japan)
Banque Agricole W.I. Carr Indosuez (Taiwan)
BASF/Knoll Pharmaceutical (USA)
Bechtel (Brazil, Chile)
Bekaert (Belgium)
Bellsouth (USA)
Boise Cascade (USA)
Bombardier Aerospace (Canada)
Canadian Federal Government (Canada)
Citibank (Taiwan)
Cox Communications (USA)
Crimson Asia (Taiwan)
Center for International Dialogue (USA)
Cockerill CMI (Belgium)
Diners Club (Brazil, USA)
DHL (South Africa, USA)
Eastman Kodak (India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand)
Effem Mexico (Mexico)
Ericsson (Spain)
Ericsson Radio Systems (Sweden)
Friends Committee National Legislation (USA)
Fluor (USA)
Ford Motor (USA)
GTE (China, USA)
Honeywell (USA)
International SEMATECH (USA)
IBM (Japan, UK)
John Hancock (USA)
Johnson & Johnson (Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan)
MediaOne Group (Japan, USA)
Merck Sharp Dhome (Brazil)
National Instruments (USA)
Oracle (China, USA)
Primax (Taiwan)
Raytheon (Canada)
ResMed (Australia)
Samsung Global Strategist Group (South Korea)
Samsung Semiconductor (USA)
Sandia National Laboratories (USA)
San Ildefonso Pueblo Nation (USA)
SBC Communications (Switzerland, USA)
Smithkline Beecham (USA)
Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (The Netherlands)
Solution Bank (Japan)
Square D (USA)
Sun Microsystems (USA)
Texaco (USA)
UM Engineering (Belgium)
United Nations High Commission for
Refugees (Switzerland)
US Peace Corps (USA)
US West (USA)
Valvoline (USA)
Warner Lambert (France, UK, USA)
Wayne-Dresser (USA)
Weyerhaeuser (Hong Kong, USA)