FLAWSOM Strategy provides an unconventional seven-part framework for achieving competitive separation by embracing flaws, instead of fixing them. FLAWSOM is about Defying Normal, Exploiting Imperfection and Captivating Your Customers.

FLAWSOM Strategy has three main components:

1. Why
It explores the need to embrace weirdness and amplify weakness to differentiate in business. It reveals how everything we have learned about weakness is wrong. It will show how every weakness has a corresponding strength. It examines the seven reasons to embrace weirdness.

2. What
It examines the concept of being F.L.A.W.S.O.M. This is the idea of embracing your flaws. You can succeed because of your flaws, not despite of them. Here F.L.A.W.S.O.M. is used as an acronym for the seven types of flaws. The FLAWSOM matrix describes each type: Flaunting, Lopsiding, Antagonizing, Withholding, Swerving, Opposing, and Micro-weirding. It points out the ways to stand out by doing more of what makes you weird and less of what makes you normal in business.

3. How
It shares the process of finding your own FLAWSOMness. It is delved into the four A's. The first A is Assess, and it involves understanding what makes you weird or weak. The second A is Appreciate. Appreciation is accepting and taking ownership of your uniqueness. The third A is Amplify. Amplification is the process of turning up the dial to bring your differentiation to life. The final A is Align. Aligning involves looking at those areas of weirdness and weakness that resonate with your customer and create meaningful differentiation.