DAVID BOVIS is Advisor to DAMSON Group on Change Management and Managing Director of DUXINAROE. He has led a multitude of organizational performance improvement projects in commercial organizations across Europe for >25 years. He is a recognized voice in the lean community having mapped the latest science from the disciplines of psychology and neuroscience to the subject of 'High-Performance Culture'.

David is a 'Technical Authority' on manufacturing history and principles, the Toyota Management System (Comprising TPS, TDS and TMSS), Hoshin Kanri, Culture change and Leadership. He has spoken on stage in Milan, Warsaw and London on the Psychology of Change at various Lean & OpEx events.

David has been deploying Change to organizations across Europe since 1994. He was educated in TQM/World Class Manufacturing (Lean) techniques in the late 80's / early 90's, subsequently leading many change initiatives in respect to strategy, structure, systems, tools and techniques.

For more than a decade he has studied esoteric subjects, to better understand and maximize the success and sustainability of organizational development and performance improvement programmes. These studies combined with his extensive experience led to the development of proprietary & practical models now known as 'The Dux method(C)'. This 'method' addresses the detail of changing 'Human Factors' to clearly make the link between individual performance, systemic / social conditions, organizational performance and profits.

David's models have been presented to organizations such as the FSA, GSK, FIAT, CNH, RCSSC, Deutsche Bank, DVB Bank, Honeywell, Invensys Rail, HP & 3M.

David has been published on the subject of 'The psychology & neuroscience of culture change' in The Chartered Quality Institute's 'Quality World Magazine', The LERC sponsored 'Lean Management Journal' and the Cambridge based PMA (Performance and Measurement Association).